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Early History Numerous indigenous groups have inhabited the Michoacán area during the past 6,000 years.These groups predominantly settled in the basin of the Chapala and Cuitzeo rivers and include the Nahuas, Otomies and Matlazincas.

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The Purhépecha language is distantly related to Quechua, one of the main languages in the Andean zone of South America.They settled in present-day Michoacán around the 11th century A. Their first capital city, Pátzcuaro, was situated on the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro, Mexico’s highest lake.Later, they relocated their capital to Tzintzuntzan, about 15 kilometers (9 miles) north of Pátzcuaro, where they lived peacefully until the Spaniards arrived in the early 16th century.Zuangua fell victim to the disease, and he and a large number of his people died.His son, Tangoxoán II, became the new Tarascan leader.Mexico's Colima volcano has erupted in spectacular fashion, with the initial explosion sending thick plumes of ash and dust up to five kilometres into the air in just seconds.

The cloud of ash continued to grow and eight hours later measured up to nine kilometres.

In 1524, King Tangoxoán visited Mexico City and was baptized with the Christian name of Francisco.

Later, he asked the bishop to send Catholic priests to Michoacán.

The most dominant group in the region was the Purhépechans (also known as the Tarascans).

However, because the tribe lacked a written language, much of their origin and early history are unknown.

Residents and tourists alike also enjoy Michoacán’s festive Day of the Dead celebration and visits to the Paricutin volcano, which became active until 1943.

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