Dating bases list

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Money can't buy you love, and, for that matter, neither can smokin' hot looks or an amazing job or any kind of outside material at all.

"If you look around, couples that are laughing together and joking around together seem to have relationships that are amazing; they typically have better sex, better conversations and, obviously, more laughs together," he says.

And no, you didn't read that wrong: It really is possible to have harmony in conflict.

And that's better than a hot bod or mad bills any day."I find that if your partner shares your values, everything else is negotiable," zen psychotherapist Michele Paiva tells Bustle.

"Life is long and challenging, and you need a partner who has the same overall view on life that you do in order to take on its obstacles as a team."Values were definitely a hot-button issue for the experts. What is your environmental commitment or understanding? " These are all really good queries, and too often we don't even think to ask ourselves and our partners about this stuff until way down the line in a relationship.

"Values are extremely important," Carlyle Jansen, author of Author, Sex Yourself: The Woman’s Guide to Mastering Masturbation and Achieving Powerful Orgasms , tells Bustle. "If your values and priorities match, then you can navigate through life together with those as your guide and get through most disagreements," she says."For me, humor is super important in a relationship, I cannot stand a boring life," Rob Alex, who created Sexy Challenges and Mission Date Night with his wife, tells Bustle.

Of course.)"When we enter a relationship, we think it only involves two people: us and our partner," clinical hypnotherapist, author and educator Rachel Astarte, who offers transformational coaching for individuals and couples at Healing Arts New York, tells Bustle. It might sound a little woo-woo at first, but don't forget that relationships themselves take on lives of their own.

"There's another entity entirely: the relationship itself," she says.In fact, there was only one thing that was echoed by three different experts: values.It seems as though the way our partners see things like religion, family, sex and money, as well as the way they see the world, is essential to a healthy, happy, compatible, simpatico relationship."Even if the approach to humor is different for each partner, it is still something that adds a level of fun to your relationship," he says.In other words, the important thing is that you both have a sense of humor, whatever it may be."Many couples forget how to have fun together as their relationship progresses," Alex says.(It's also worth saying that everyone has different conflict styles, and yours either aligns with your partners', or the two of you will have to figure out how to make your differing styles align if you're going to get anywhere together.) "I know what I personally need before I enter into a heated conversation," Roberts says: "Taking a moment to myself to breathe deeply and examine where and why my feelings are coming from, so I can calmly explain my end; and he knows he has to give me this space if he wants a rational and logical conversation," she says.

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