Dns not updating active directory

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The dynamic update client registers an address resource record (A RR). the DHCP server can be configured to instruct the client to allow the server to register both records with the DNS.Statically configured (non-DHCP) clients register both the A RR and the PTR RR with the DNS server themselves.

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A single forest can contain numerous domains, each sharing a common schema.I ran into the same issue years ago the following group policy settings are how I resolved it.This could easily be overkill, but since the above answers didn't cover things from a group policy angle here goes. sends option 81 and its fully qualified domain name to the DHCP server and requests the DHCP server to register a pointer resource record (PTR RR) on its behalf.Edit: According to the article linked by The Cleaner below, the GPO I mentioned in my comment will not do what you want (yeah MS and closed-source software).But checking the boxes for "Register this connection's address in DNS" and "Use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration" makes it work.Windows Server 2003 Active Directory provides a single reference, called a directory service, to all the objects in a network, including users, groups, computers, printers, policies and permissions.

For a user or an administrator, Active Directory provides a single hierarchical view from which to access and manage all of the network's resources.

I don't have a convenient test environment to try it...

In Windows 2008 and above, there is an option in the DHCP scope to set up the DHCP server to automatically update the authoritative DNS servers with the host (A) and PTR) records of the DHCP clients.

Active Directory automatically manages the communications between domain controllers to ensure the network remains viable.

Users can access all resources on the network for which they are authorized through a single sign-on.

In this section, learn about the basics of Active Directory and the benefits of Active Directory implementation.

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