Traditional chinese dating

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Traditional chinese dating

It is taught in Mandarin-Chinese classes internationally as well.These characters are simpler, i.e., have less pen-strokes, than traditional Chinese characters.

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People who use pinyin are those who are more familiar with the western alphabet and are learning to speak Mandarin Chinese.

Simplified characters have existed for hundreds of years, but only became officially acceptable in formal writing after the founding of the People's Republic of China in an attempt to improve literacy among Chinese in China, during the 1950's.

The Chinese newspaper "Ren Min Ri Bao" or "People's Daily" uses simplified characters as do subtitles of news reports or videos that come from China.

Verb tense Grammatically speaking English and Chinese are very different languages.

There is no rule that verbs, nouns, and adjectives must agree with one another in Chinese writing.

Although the written system has been altered over time due to revolutions and political changes, the principles of the language along with the symbols and characters have remained basically the same.

Although many Chinese dialects exist, the written language is a common form of communication.

On the other hand, Mandarin-speaking Taiwanese reads the Chinese "World Journal" newspaper in the States.

Both papers are commonly sold in local Chinese stores and restaurants.

Because there are not as many readers of this paper in the United States, the paper is not commonly carried in local Chinese stores.

People who are literate in simplified Chinese characters may not be literate in traditional Chinese.

People from China, Taiwan or other countries have to learn to recognize these characters before they can read all sections of Hong Kong-based news papers.

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